Our company

After years of experiences and a drill from scratch motivated a business acumen to form a team of enthusiastic players to curtail the market requirement is recognized as:-

FYB Eternit Creation

The Company that was founded in 1999, Pakistan. An apparel manufacturing concern owned and operated by family that has grown with the industry and with the sincere support of our many customers over the years.

What started out as "just a fad" has become a huge part of today’s wardrobe. FYB provides basic styles as well as more fashionable and casual business attire. Although our product line is very consumer friendly, the comprise team work as knitted and woven apparel manufacturers and exporters, provide shipments on FOB, CIF & C&F basis.

At present we are not selling directly to the consumer. Very shortly we will be starting  our consumer sales.

Our facility is located in the industrial estate of Karachi Pakistan. We continually train our team member to provide you with the most accurate and desired product features.

With more than 8 quality brands and over 100’s of styles, we're able to offer you our most comprehensive selection of fine active wear and apparel, uniform wear, and accessories.

To be of value to our customers and increase their buying convenience, we can support in various varieties of screen-printing, embroidered articles & various teams wear. These products & made-up are manufactured in 100% cotton & man made fiber, from natural sources such as manually cultivated cotton.

NOTE: All logos, designs & styling used on this page are used only for the pupose of displaying our capability workman-ship of our past production of custom decoration or to demonstrate end-user clientele. They are not intended to represent endoresements by individual, companies nor are they for sale exclusively. You may order your own styling considering our capabilities depict & delineate herein.

Please make sure you visit our web site often as we continuously up grade many new articles. We look forward to your support and encourage new customer and sincere strategic partners. Pls feel free to contact us.